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St. Patricks Day

Looking to #LiveLikeaLocal and need to know #WhereInOC to go find “The LUCK of the Irish"? You can count on Echelberger Group to keep you informed with what is happening locally. 

History of St. Patrick’s Day
A day of green – St. Patrick’s Day is filled the brim with Irish culture, both authentic and borrowed. This original day observance marks the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. However, around the world, a religious feast begun in the 17th century has transformed into a variety of festivals with parades, special foods, music, and a whole lot of green.

One thing has always been true, merriment has always been abundant on 17th day of March. For over 1,000 years, Irish families have

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Protect Your Home
Whether you’re buying a house or even thinking about it, you’re probably hearing a lot about insurance and how you need it. But there are so many kinds and you’re not really even sure which ones do what and if you actually need them all.

Car insurance was a breeze, there’s only the one kind — it’s either going to fix the car you run into or that car and yours, too (basically), but with home-related insurance, there are a lot of strange specialties, and other things that aren’t quite insurance, but act like insurance.

How will you know which you really need to protect your home and which are just a waste of your hard-earned cash? Let us walk you through it.

Insurance for Your House and Your Stuff: Homeowner’s Policies 101
If you rented a house before you…
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Through a Buyer’s Eyes
Selling your home is one of the most tricky parts of owning a home, really. There are always little projects that you meant to get to and didn’t, and things that probably weren’t perfect, but didn’t bother you enough to fix. You can’t possibly do everything to make your house like new before putting it on the market, but there’s a minimum level that most buyers will expect.

How many of those things left on your “to do” list absolutely need to become “to dones?

Getting Ready to Sell that Home Sweet Home
Before you get too serious about selling, it’s a good idea to have your Realtor over for a quick walkthrough. They can give you a punch list of items they think should be updated, fixed or addressed in some other way before you sell your home. You never know…
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There have been far fewer homeowners selling their homes annually ever since the start of the Great Recession.

Lack of Sellers: In the face of massive home appreciation and excellent conditions that have favored sellers for years now, fewer homeowners are opting to sell.

Orange County Housing Market Summary: 

  • The active listing inventory increased by 197 homes in the past two weeks, up 5%, and now totals 4,178. Expect the inventory to increase from now through mid-Summer. Last year, there were 4,460 homes on the market, 282 more than today.
  • There are 26% fewer homes on the market below $500,000 today compared to last year at this time and demand is down by 12%. Fewer and fewer homes and condominiums are now priced below $500,000. This price
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the GREEN sheet | January 2018


As our beloved “Spanish Village by the Sea” celebrates its 90th anniversary, our team at Echelberger Group is grateful to be a small part of its rich, vibrant history. Like San Clemente’s founder, Ole Hanson, we share the vision of a healthy, happy community where residents can live, work, play and, most importantly, create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

We were thrilled to partake in some of the celebration’s funfilled events, which took place on February 24 and included a free Children's Fishing Derby on the pier, a Marine Safety Open House on the beach, trolley rides featuring guided tours of historical sites, food trucks, an Ole Hanson Beach Club Historical Exhibit, a classic fried chicken luncheon,…
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Investing In Your Home
You’ve lived in your home a little while and you think you sort of understand how it should flow. You’re starting to see the warts and little bits of rough that people tend to gloss over when the neighbors pop by to borrow the lawnmower. It’s not that these things make your home flawed — all homes are flawed, they’re made from flawed materials, after all — it’s just that your home could be better and like a skilled craftsman, you’re starting to see places where you could bring out greater potential.

But, which projects make the most sense to do first? Will any of them actually pay for themselves in gained home equity, or are these changes things you’ll have to consider sunk costs in your home and investments strictly in your own enjoyment? And furthermore,…
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February 2018 Calendar of Events

Where in Orange County to Live Like a Local

Looking to #LiveLikeaLocal and need to know #WhereInOC to go? You can count on Echelberger Group to keep you informed with what is happening locally, whether it be, Tomatomania! at Roger’s Gardens, Festival of Whales, Lantern Festival, Toshiba Classic, Swallows Day, or Egg Hunts!

Let us keep you in the loop, letting you know Where in Orange County you should go and what you need to know for our community. Because it’s always a great day in Orange County, whether you are in San Clemente, Dana Point, Newport Beach, San Juan Capistrano, or elsewhere.

Download Full Calendar of Events CLICK HERE!

“We understand that you need a REALTOR® you can TRUST with your MOST VALUABLE ASSET. That is why so many

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Below is the latest Steven Thomas OC Housing Market Report for February 2018, with the most up-to-date market data. As always, if you or if you know anyone looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate, please give me a call; I’d love to help you find a place called #HOME.

 Spring Market: The activity below $1 million is nothing short of CRAZY!

In Southern California, it is hard to tell the seasons apart. You have to look up at the trees to see if there are leaves or not. The time of the sunset is another dead giveaway. Are there flowers yet?

Similarly, there are signs that the housing market has officially changed. There is a steady stream of buyers at open houses for all homes priced below $1.25 million. Sellers are entertaining multiple offers…
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The groundhog has seen his shadow, Cupid has shot his glut of arrows, now the only thing between you and spring are a few lousy weeks of unfortunate weather. Spring is just around the corner, are you going to be ready to fire up the grill on day one? You took the time and effort to carefully put your outdoor kitchen to bed before winter’s cold came, soon it’s going to be time to wake it up again.

Now is the best time to check your equipment, restock your supplies, clean your stuff and do any fix-up that might be called for. There’s absolutely nothing more tortuous than being able to smell a neighbor’s cookout and not being able to have one of your own. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. While you’re at it, you may want to look at these other

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San Clemente 90 Years


With its seaside setting, famous red tile roofs, historic pier and vibrant lifestyle, San Clemente has often been a magnet for those seeking The Good Life. On Saturday, February 24, 2018, the entire city will celebrate San Clemente Day—a day-long event honoring the “Spanish Village by the Sea’s” 90th Anniversary.

San Clemente-based Echelberger Group, Orange County’s top real estate firm, will join the festivities as the city throws a party that is sure to be fun for all ages. Mark your calendars and be sure not to miss the following events:

9am-12pm Free Children's Fishing Derby on the Pier and Marine Safety Open House on the beach
12pm-4pm Free Historical

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