November 2015

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We at The Echelberger Group understand that purchasing a property is not an easy feat. Especially for first time buyers, it can get confusing and overwhelming. So, we have broken it down to five steps that would make the process not only easy, but more enjoyable for you!


STEP 1: Have a clear vision of your dream home.

Before plunging into the complicated process of homebuying, determine the aspects of a home you can and cannot live without.

STEP 2: Identify what you can afford.

After having free reign in dreaming up the home you plan to grow old in, its time to hop back down to reality and assess your current financial situation.

STEP 3: Pull your credit score.

It’s one thing to know what you

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In as much as buying a home could get tedious, readying a property for the market is quite the undertaking as well. Not only can it be time consuming but there is a chance that improvements would break your bank. Thankfully there are inexpensive ways to make sure your house is ready for that ‘For Sale’ sign.


1. Focus on the hardware.

While it is easy to get carried away in renovating that awkward half bath in the kitchen, buyers actually tend to focus more on the little things like doorknobs, light fixtures and window treatments. Investing on changing a multitude of small things as opposed to spending on renovating just the one part of your property would not only save on costs but would attract a heftier offer.

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