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Surfing Heritage
Photo Courtesy of the San Clemente Historical Society & their Museum Collection


Where you come from, where you call home is a part of who you are. Welcome to the #LiveLikeaLocal blog series that explores our roots and hometown in South Orange County. Whether it be San Clemente, Dana Point, Capistrano Beach, San Juan Capistrano, or a surrounding coastal community, it is always a great day for #ThrowbackThursday in Orange County!

Especially when coastal stewardship and surfing heritage in San Clemente is alive and well…

Save Trestles

A settlement was finally reached between TCA, CA Attorney General and Toll Road Stakeholders.  All plans have been abandoned for a toll road through San Onofre State Beach, and the Tesoro

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4157 Costero Risco
Current listing 4157 Costero Risco

First impressions are EVERYTHING. No matter how flashy your interior is, if your exterior doesn’t say “love me!” you’ve already lost the real estate game. HomeKeepr gives us tips and tricks for that better curb appeal.

What Exactly is Curb Appeal?

Not that long ago (in the early days of the Internet, even), it was a lot harder to get an idea of what a house looked like simply from a listing. Instead of an online database, many markets had giant bound books that looked a lot like a phone book. But instead of telephone numbers, there were listings upon listings of properties for sale. Realtors would send their clients to drive by these homes to see if they thought they’d like to have a proper viewing. These potential buyers…
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Sellers are not used to waiting, but it is a trend that has evolved this year and is here to stay.

Sitting on the Market: A surprising 37% of the active listing inventory has been on the market for more than two months. For years, sellers have been in control of the housing market. Multiple offers were generated almost instantaneously after hammering in the FOR SALE sign. Homes flew off the market in the blink of an eye. Frustrated buyers had to cut back their expectations after writing offer after offer with no success. It felt like housing was unstoppable and would continue its relentless climb. That is until the spring of 2018.

This year has been all about the evolution of housing from a brisk paced, hot, Seller’s Market to a much more normal,
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While still remarkably strong, Orange County’s housing market is experiencing a dip in demand. We asked our market guru, Steven Thomas, for some answers. Steven provides our monthly Orange County Housing Report and informed us that demand was 20% higher last year and 23% higher two years ago at this time. Here’s what Steven has to say:

For years now, it’s been a fact that there have not been enough homes on the market. The storyline has been the same year in and year out—with only a trickle of homes coming on the market, buyers have been tripping over themselves to purchase them. Realtors are now accustomed to welcoming as many as 100 or more potential buyers during an open house, with…
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Echelberger Group-September Calendar

Where in Orange County to Live Like a Local

Looking to #LiveLikeaLocal and need to know #WhereInOC to go? You can count on Echelberger Group to keep you informed with what is happening locally, whether it be Dana Point's Tall Ships Festival, Lobster Fest, or Ohana Fest, San Juan Capistrano's Greek Festival, or the Balboa Island Carnival!

Let us keep you in the loop, letting you know Where in Orange County you should go and what you need to know for our community. Because it’s always a great day in Orange County, whether you are in San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, or elsewhere.

Download Full Calendar of Events CLICK HERE!

“We understand that you need a REALTOR® you can TRUST with your MOST VALUABLE ASSET. That is why so

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Echelberger Group- Utility Bills

With summer weather still impacting much of the country, it’s important to continue thinking about ways to save on utility bills and energy costs before you’re shocked by a big bill this September. Luckily, there are many steps you can take—so, before you crank up the AC, take a look at our top ways to save on utility bills. Your budget will thank you!

1. Get Your HVAC System Ready

Is there anything worse than a broken HVAC system in the summer? The good news is you can avoid this nightmare by taking certain precautions. First, you’ll want to clean or change the air filters as dirty or clogged filters force your air conditioning system to work much harder, which in turn causes more wear and tear in the long-run. You’ll also want to inspect your outdoor unit…
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Echelberger Group- Home Value

Home values are determined through a complicated series of calculations roughly based on the cost of actual construction plus value-adds like proximity to shopping and other conveniences. The prices that other nearby homes have sold for in the past are also taken into consideration. Formulas are applied, mysterious algorithms are run.

In short, home valuation is magic and appraisers are all wizards.

Although the workings behind the curtain may be both intimidating and seemingly unpredictable to home buyers and sellers, there is one thing that we can say definitely can affect your home’s value is your school district.

The Numbers Have It

A quick twirl around the web turns up a handful of recent surveys and studies that all say essentially the same…
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Echelberger Group- 35291 Beach Road
Current listing 35291 Beach Road

You got an amazing deal on your home, in part because the master bathroom was kind of really outdated. The wallpaper says it all — and that pink toilet, oh boy. You are so ready to do something about the Pepto Bismol nightmare attached to your bedroom, but you also want to be sure you’re doing this remodel right, otherwise you may be doomed to repeat it.

Bathroom Remodels Can Be Good Investments

When it comes to remodeling projects, there’s the rare exception that will return the entire cost of the improvement when you go to sell your home or have it appraised for a home equity loan. Although they don’t typically have above-cost ROIs, Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value survey found that midrange bathroom…
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Home Sale Prep 101
As seen in San Clemente Times, Doug Echelberger gives advice on home prep sale- what to do and what NOT to do. Check out this article in SC Times by Alex Groves on why Doug is your go-to guy when it comes to anything and everything Real Estate!

Redesigning a home can be a fun endeavor but also one riddled with questions about the best paint colors, the best design materials, and the best decorative accents to use. Check out their article for some home sale tips!

We respect your time, and value your business. We know you could go anywhere for your real estate needs, and appreciate having the opportunity to serve you the best way we can. 
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Echelberger Group- Throwback Thursday
Where you come from, where you call home is a part of who you are. Welcome to the #LiveLikeaLocal blog series that explores our roots and hometown in South Orange County. Whether it be San Clemente, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Capistrano Beach, San Juan Capistrano, or a surrounding coastal community, it is always a great day for #ThrowbackThursday in Orange County! Especially when we love the place we call....#HOME

We begin again with the story of San Clemente. True Fact: It is little known that San Clemente was a town that thrived during the times of Prohibition. In fact, we were the only city in the United States that had open liquor cabinets, with the best restaurants in San Clemente showcasing the best-stocked selections in…
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