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The proposed extension of Orange County’s 241 Toll Road is certainly the talk of the town at Talega in San Clemente today, with many, many questions being asked and not enough answers being given. Doug Echelberger, of the Echelberger Group, a lifetime resident of San Clemente and Talega’s #1 real estate agent, offers his opinion on how the toll road may affect real estate values.

“Most residents of Talega, understandably, are concerned about the potential impact on real estate values and quality of life,” noted Echelberger. “Based on what we know, the 241 Toll Road extensions #14 and #15 are the two closest to Talega. Both can be found on San Clemente city’s website under Toll Road Extension Information. Alignment #15 appeared to have the least impact on San Clemente homeowners, however it was abandoned as part of the Protective Agreement that was done several years ago.”

Echelberger explained that Alignment #14 is the one that most everyone is concerned about, as it would cut straight thought the city and is likely to cause the most disruption. Alignment #14 potentially could have
long-term sound, visual and home-value impact on the neighborhoods in the northwest region of Talega,
including Mirador, Sansol, San Lucar and Escala. By comparison, the new La Pata Avenue extension seems to
have had little impact on these tracts as the sight and sound of the road is minimal. Additionally, the advantage of new access in and out of Talega seems to benefit all in the community.

“I know the La Pata extension has brought new buyers into Talega that were never considering living here before its completion,” Echelberger added. “However, comparing the scale of a toll road to La Pata is not appropriate when looking at the impact on Talega—one is simply a road and the other is a highway.”

According to Echelberger, Alignment #14 would have a major affect on all of Talega during potential construction of the road. “We only have to look at the construction on I-5 as a perfect example. Ask any real estate agent in Talega what affect San Clemente traffic has had on their showings and 100% will give you a negative reply. Out-of-area clients traveling through 30 to 60 minutes of heavy traffic to see homes do not arrive in a good mood. Additionally they envision themselves fighting that traffic when picturing their new life in Talega,” he commented.

The Toll Road extension would involve major construction, which means guaranteed sound, sight and traffic until its completion. This is not good for Talega real estate values in any way. In fact, the unknown of a road and where it will go is actually worse than having a road in place. La Pata is a prime example, as before it was done, the impact it had on the northwest tracts of Talega was far greater than after it opened for use.

“Overall, I can say with 100% conviction that having alignment #14 approved for the Toll Road will not have
a positive impact on Talega Real Estate,” concluded Echelberger. “It may not appear that it will be close to
Talega, but it will surely influence our values. I strongly recommend that every resident takes the time to do their own research and have a voice in the possible alignment of the 241 Toll Road extension.”

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