Things to do in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach enjoys a rich surfing history. Although participation is only open to locals, visitors often watch the Brooks Street Surfing Classic, which holds the honor of being the oldest continuing surfing contest in the world. Rock stars of the surfing world such as Mickey Munoz and the owner of Hobie Surf Shop, Hobie Alter himself, are some of the surfers that have participated.

Laguna Beach holds a number of art festivals throughout the year. Pageant of the Masters is held annually during the Festival of Arts. This event is mostly known for its living portraits or tableauxs, which feature classical and contemporary artworks. In Pageant of the Masters, famous pieces are recreated by real people; everything is identical to the artworks that they are imitating, from their costumes and props, down to the smallest detail. The Festival of Arts is a two-month long celebration wherein hundreds of artists exhibit their works. Workshops are also available, and guests are entertained all day by live music.

The Sawdust Art Festival is another event celebrating the arts. This festival features arts and crafts created by the skillful hands and imaginative minds of local artists and craftsmen. The festival also offers classes to guests of all ages, and is held in a handcrafted village with paths paved with sawdust.

There’s also a plethora of recreational and outdoor activities for everyone seeking a dose of adventure. Heisler Park, which is just north of Main Beach, offers trails and views of the famed 7-mile-long Laguna Beach coastline. Discover the excellent marine life in Laguna Beach as you dive or snorkel in Divers Cove. If you don’t have your own gear, don’t fret; you can rent the diving or snorkeling equipment that you need from a nearby surf shop.

Skimboarding is also a popular sport in Laguna Beach, and Victoria Beach is where all the skimboarding action is. These are just some of the activities that Laguna Beach offers residents and guests alike.

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