Laguna Niguel Attractions

Chet Holifield Federal Building. Originally built for Rockwell International by architect William Pereira, this one-million square-foot building modeled after ancient Mesopotamian ziggurats houses millions of documents and land agreements between the Indian tribes that lived in southwest United States and the American government. This building also houses the Internal Revenue Service and the western division of the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Niguel Botanical Preserve. Originally a small community garden, residents and tourists alike are free to enjoy this 18-acre botanical garden located within the Crown Valley Community Park. This botanical garden displays different plants from different parts of the world such as Australia, Africa, Mexico, and the Mediterranean. Walking trails are available to visitors.

Laguna Niguel Skate & Soccer Park. Skateboard and soccer enthusiasts rejoice! Featuring a 20,000 square foot concrete skateboard park and a synthetic grass soccer field, this park offers plenty of space for skaters and soccer players to play and practice. The soccer field is usable all year round, while the skateboard park has plenty of features that will surely challenge all skaters from different skill levels.

Aliso & Wood Canyons Regional Park. Visitors can hike and camp in this beautiful area located south of the Laguna Greenbelt. Featuring a large wilderness area, the park has a refreshingly bucolic atmosphere. Day trippers and campers can also choose to check out the petroglyphs etched by early Native Americans within the regional park. This 4,500-acre wildlife sanctuary has sycamores and mature oaks as well as over 30 miles of hiking trails. Plenty of rare plants and animals have made Aliso & Wood Canyons Regional Park their home.

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